Welcome to www.thatsmyfavoritedj.com, the official home for my favorite Deejay, Thatsmyfavorited.com. As a world-class DJ, my favorite DJ specializes in R&B, Hip Hop, Top 40, Classic Soul, Adult Contemporary, House, Old Skool and much more. Tour this site to hear the latest concoction Thatsmyfavorited.com Baby has put together in the lab for your listening pleasure. Signature mixes include "R&B Me Crazy", "Street Vibes", "Jazz Me Crazy", "Ole Soulful expressions", "Neo Soul Me Crazy" and "The Bone Master" volume series, just to name a few.

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  • Wedding Receptions
  • Birthdays Party’s
  • School Events
  • Corporate Events / Holiday Events
  • Night Clubs
  • Custom Cd’s
  • Event Planning
  • Photography
  • Videography


WHY Thatsmyfavorited.com 7 REASONS YOU SHOULD BOOK Thatsmyfavorited.com FOR YOUR NEXT EVENT

  • Affordable
  • Dependable
  • Reputable
  • Enjoyable
  • Passionate! Thatsmyfavorited.com carries a deep rooted passion for good music and his craft!
  • We have a data base of over 100,000 covering all genres providing services for a wide range of clientele including r&b, hip-hop, old school, house music, top 40, jazz, Rock and much more. (all types of ethnic music available


ABOUT Thatsmyfavoritedj.com

  • Thatsmyfavorited.com is one of the Entertainment Industry’s premier DJ’s. His name is synonymous with whats happening in both music and pop culture in Detroit, MI and other urban cities across the world. One of today’s most in demand DJ’s as well as a fixture in the night life scene, Thatsmyfavoritedj.com schedule has him traveling extensively to DJ for engagements in clubs, private parties, and corporate events. Its a guarantee that no matter what club he is in, credible and notable partiers and hipsters alike are dancing on the baguettes to his beats. Thatsmyfavorited.com has evolved into a prominent brand. Thatsmyfavoritedj.com is great for and Detroit events. You know a party is hot, high profile, and happening if Thatsmyfavorited.com is the DJ. A-List individuals show up to events not to be seen, but to hear him spin and tear up the dance floor to his records of choice. Thatsmyfavoritedj.com feels a crowd and gives them what they want, making it his business to make sure the crowd is having a good time and leave wanting more! If your looking for a DJ in Michigan Thatsmyfavoritedj.com is the Dj for you!!!